The Paradox of Matzah

Matzah is a unique ritual object in Judaism because it is a paradox.
It is only one object but it has two simultaneous messages, which seemingly contradict each other – slavery and freedom. It was the bread eaten by the Jews as slaves and it also symbolizes their freedom because they didn’t have enough time to let it rise when they were hastily leaving Egypt.

Addiction is full of paradoxes.
It pushes you to do something that seems to make you feel better but in reality hurts you and others more.
We risk so much for our addiction for seemingly so little.
You lie to the ones you love the most.
You hurt yourself in a search to feel better.

We walk around like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the contrast between who we are when we are active in our addictions and who we are the rest of the time is astounding. It’s like we are two completely different people. People who are normally the nicest, caring, most sensitive people become someone entirely different when in their active addictions. They become selfish, focused only on how to feed their addiction, even animalistic at times.

This is true slavery. A servitude to a taskmaster that drives us to hurt ourselves and the ones we love in order to feed our addiction.

Recovery is also full of paradoxes.

You have to surrender in order to win.
Admit powerlessness in order to be free.
Face discomfort in order to feel better.
Don’t do what seems like will make you feel better.
Ask for help to become more independent.
Hitting a bottomv to begin a new life.
Grow spiritually to find physical freedom.
Keep (sobriety) it by giving it away (helping others).

What times in your life has been a paradox?

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