Would you sue over this? Man sues Trump hotel after being served non-kosher sandwich

Would you sue over this?
I don’t know. It would upset me but to sue seems a bit much.
Forgiveness is also a commandment…

Man sues Trump hotel after being served non-kosher sandwich
By Julia MarshFebruary 13, 2015 | 7:15pm
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Oy, gevalt!
An orthodox Jewish man is suing the Trump Soho after he allegedly spent $146 to get a special hot kosher meal there — and was served a cold non-kosher turkey sandwich instead.
Upper West Side resident Dan Miller says hotel staffers then broke another commandment — lying to cover up their sin.
“The hotel created an elaborate hoax to deceive Dan Miller,’’ he huffs in his Manhattan Supreme Court suit.
Miller says in the suit that while he was waiting for his specially ordered lunch at a business conference at the hotel, he even reminded staff that his food should be double-wrapper until it was delivered, as per kosher laws.
An employee responded, “Yes, of course, we are very familiar with the kosher rules, we do it all the time,” the suit says.
But Miller was immediately suspicious when his cold turkey sandwich arrived in a single piece of Saran wrap.
“It is simply inconceivable for any orthodox Jew, like Dan Miller, to eat a non-kosher meat sandwich,” he notes in hi suit.
Miller says he asked the server if the food was safe for him to eat because it also didn’t have a seal that is customary when kosher items are served on planes, at hotels and in other public venues.
The server told him not to worry, but Miller — whose father was a rabbi — was still wary, so he asked other employees where the food was from.
“They assured him that it was purchased at the well-known glatt kosher Noah’s Ark Restaurant, located on Grand Street,’’ his suit says.
– Lawsuit
The Yeshiva University grad bit into the sandwich, but it didn’t taste like food he’d eaten at another Noah’s Ark in New Jersey, so he decided to photograph the meal, court papers show.
Miller then called Noah’s Ark and was shocked to learn that the deli hadn’t made any deliveries to the luxury hotel that day.
But the hotel chef stuck to the staff’s story and even promised to send Miller a copy of the Noah’s Ark receipt the next day.
In the meantime, Miller e-mailed his photo to deli workers, who confirmed the sandwich was not from their eatery.
Finally, a Trump Soho food and beverage manager admitted that the food was not kosher because the hotel forgot to order the special meal.
“The hotel staff panicked and inappropriately responded by serving him a non-kosher meal that was made to appear kosher,” the suit says.
The life-long orthodox Jew says he’s “furious” by the deception that caused him to commit “a serious violation of Jewish law — consuming non-kosher meat.”
He says he also fears that the bread may have included dairy, which breaks a biblical dictate against mixing dairy and meat.
For meat to be kosher, it has to come from certain animals that are slaughtered and prepared in a specific manner.
Miller blames the hotel for not properly training its staff about kosher laws. He’s suing for unspecified damages.
Reps for Trump Soho did not comment.

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