Passover – a Journey of Freedom From the Things That Hold Us Back

Passover coincides with the beginning of spring. The earth is waking up from the cold and darkness of winter. It’s a time for renewal, rethinking, and rebirth. We throw open the windows of our homes, we sweep away winter’s grit and dust.
The story of Passover is a historic story of freedom from bondage. It’s a story of liberation and new beginnings. We review the story of our ancestor’s journey from suffering and bondage to being happy, joyous, and free. What better time to rethink our own personal journeys of freedom from the bondage of self and addiction?
Everyone of us has had our own personal “mitzrayim” (Hebrew for Egypt where the Jewish people were slaves). The Hebrew word “mitzrayim” comes from the word “tzar” which means narrow. How narrow our lives became when we were caught in the disease of our addictions. The width of a bottle? The length of a crack pipe? The spread on a bet? The amount of food needed to purge or attain control?
The seder provides a blueprint for action. It’s an outline of recovery that has been used for thousands of years for spiritual journeys of freedom and recovery.
May this Passover spring give us the insight and courage to create ourselves anew.

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