Tween Social Groups


In my 24 plus years in Jewish education I have worked with thousands of “tweens” and teens. Combining my backgrounds in education and social work, I run both tween and teen support groups in Manhattan and Westchester.

The middle school and high school years can be a confusing time for many of our children. Just some of the challenges that today’s tweens and teens are confronted with are:

  • Social pressures
  • Academic pressures
  • Fear of missing out or of being left out of social situations
  • Conflict with parents or authority
  • Bullying
  • Bodily changes
  • Social acceptance and the desire to be liked
  • Athletic pressures

Many of today’s parents want their child to have someone to talk with and find them a therapist.

Through my experience, I’ve found that 90% of the time, the best therapy for a tween or teen is a group of similar aged children.

It is a very powerful experience for them to hear that their peers are going through the same challenges. They are able to share similar feelings, insecurities, and issues. Kids, (as well as adults) often think that they are alone or unique in their feelings of insecurity and isolation. I have found that talking with others who have experienced the same things often diminishes that sense of isolation. They will learn they are not alone.